Bunch of Dirty Books. Photography.

Sometimes my photography is spontaneous and unrehearsed. Sometimes I like to stage little dioramas and scenes . I like to evoke strange stories with my photography and will put myself in uncomfortable spaces to achieve this. I have a wonderful space I found in Paris, I call the dungeon. I can spend hours down there waiting for something to take off.

Some of my photography for sale  Outlook8studio Gallery – Outlook8Studio

I use beautiful archival Kodak ENDURA Metallic paper which has a glossy finish and metallic appearance. I use it because it creates images with visual interest, richness and depth and I’m unable to achieve this quality with other papers.

Razor Gang

Jenny Davis _Razor Gang_s

Imperial No. 2

Jenny Davis_ Imperial No.2_s


Wax n String


Jenny Davis_ Wax n String_s


Un Altered Object



Jenny Davis_Un Altered Object_s


Found EM

Jenny Davis_ Found EM_s


Jenny Davis_ Dismantling_s


Bunch of Dirty Books

Jenny Davis_Bunch of Dirty Books_s


Jenny Davis_Seven _s




Jenny Davis_ Rock & Hard Place_s







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