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Bring some art into your life!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Bring some art into your life!


Jenny Davis_MixedMediaCollage in Progress

Yellow Square. Jenny Davis 2015


Art can help us to make sense of the world and broaden our experience and understanding.



Darth Vadar Sculpture small

11 + 89. Jenny Davis 1998


It allows us to develop new ways of thinking and expressing what might not be understood through the printed or spoken word alone




Letters from the border 1. Jenny Davis 2006


Art not only helps strengthen our critical thinking skills, but improves the way we communicate our thoughts and emotions to others



Terras Tower by Jenny Davis

Terras Tower. Jenny Davis 2015


It is free expression of human mind and senses



Jenny Davis_Painting 3s

Wallmatter Series. Jenny Davis 2015

Bring some art into your life!

Favourite artist… Marcel Duchamp

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Marcel_DuchampMarcel_Duchamp3Marcel_Duchamp 2


by Babican Gallery UK


Art around the Fireplace

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Some thoughts on painting…I continually fight with my work. Am I rebelling about what a painting should be? I lay paint on a surface, spending days doing this, only to scrape and wipe it off. What my mind says to do, my hand does another. The battle is on… the less it becomes, the more it says. Reducing it to a “nothingness” taking away what is known, what is recognisable, what is seen and putting in it’s place a “nothingness” of truth, more true, than what is seen.