Rust Dyeing Fabric

Fabric: cottons silk…
Rusty metal objects: cooking pans, car parts, rusty nails, screws, pipes, copper objects
Wire, string, wool or rope just something to bind the fabric to the rusted item
Plain white vinegar
Rubber gloves
Plastic sheet or bags

1. Gather all the items together wet your fabric and spray with vinegar

  1. Wrap the fabric around and around the rusted object as best you can

  1. Make sure it’s tightly bound with the string rope or wire. Cover with plastic so it stays moist

  2. Leave and wait for the magic to happen

  3. This may take an hour or 2 or if you want deeper textures of rust a week or 2.

  1. Once dyed to the depth you want, soak for 30mins in warm water and a couple tablespoons of salt to make the rust dye colourfast
  2. Wash gently in warm water with soap powder rinse dry and voila!