Artist & Cat Lady

When I was googling the other day I came upon this question.

“How many cats do you need to acquire before you can officially become an old lonely cat lady?

Ok, it got me thinking about myself and my life.

Do I qualify?

1. I have 3 naughty cats ( is that enough?)

2. I’m a baby boomer (I qualify)

3. As an artist, I enjoy my solitude and quiet life on my own. Choices I made along time ago, so I could concentrate of on my creative life.

4. I enjoy getting up everyday knowing, I can create whatever and whenever I want, or not.

5. I love that I can do what I do.

6. I love and appreciate my beautiful family and friends who understand this strangeness in me and who are my biggest support in my life and work.

7. I love to grasp life using the time I have been given, to concentrate on creative ideas, projects and thoughts.These are the things I need to get out of myself to survive .

8. I feel extremally grateful and fortunate to be given this tiny space in time to express myself, but mainly, I want to give something back…

9. Sure, I can be a bit of a bag lady and sometimes go around with unkept hair, clothes full of holes and paint and pull a little cart to collect wood and found objects, with 3 cats in tow but, I’m also a very creative, intelligent and vibriant woman who knows what she wants.

Am I a lonely old cat lady? No, I’m just an artist who happens to have cats.

Now that’s out of the way I can get back to the studio where the cats are waiting…

Are you a cat lady and an artist?





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