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Some thoughts on painting…I continually fight with my work. Am I rebelling about what a painting should be? I lay paint on a surface, spending days doing this, only to scrape and wipe it off. What my mind says to do, my hand does another. The battle is on… the less it becomes, the more it says. Reducing it to a “nothingness” taking away what is known, what is recognisable, what is seen and putting in it’s place a “nothingness” of truth, more true, than what is seen.












The above paragraph was taken from my diary dated 2004. Written, just before I embarked on my first journey overseas to the UK, Europe and an arts residency in Barcelona, Spain. So much has happened in my art life since and my work has changed, especially my painting. I am no longer searching for that “Nothingness”.’I think I found it and have moved on to other things for now.














Some of my paintings today are more about filling the surface with marks, lines, map making and new worlds.I construct chambers in grids and sections over the surface. A link to underground systems following research and documentation of spaces beneath the city of Paris over the years.

3 little thoughts…

1- Art is about RIPPING ya guts out – going for it, then, being brave enough to lay it out there for the world to pull it apart.

2- If one can’t see beyond the surface of an artwork, then the whole point has been missed.

3- It’s not about technique, its about how well you know yourself to take a risk.

How has your art evolved over the years?


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