Does life get in the way of your creating?


Isn’t it amazing how life sometimes gets in the way of doing what u really want to do?

I remember writing this email to a friend some time ago, about one of those days…

Today, when I woke up I decided I was going to do creative stuff all day in the studio.

The Postie came and I had to ring electric company to re-assess my payment plan. 1-2 hours later they still needed to ring me back.

Made an appointment for my car service so it coincided with breast screen appointment.

Rang the house people who keep taking out double payment each fornight. This was the 3rd time they got it wrong.

Made an appointment with council for mowing and cutting fallen tree branches.

Went to “Switch” website site to see if I can get electricity cheaper. Decided too complicated.

Cleaned cat poop from back porch.
Clean cat poop from shoes.
Cleaned cat trays.
Put out rubbish.

On the way to the studio,


I cleaned the car mats that had mud on them.


In the studio I gessoed 7 small canvases twice.

I walked up and down the driveway 10 times, fast, for exercise.

Layed down on lounge chair outside for 20 mins. with cat to get the required amount of vit. D for the day and to keep the doctor happy.


Stood on slanty hill and pulled up big tarp to collect twigs to bring in with trolley. Did 4 loads of wood so I didn’t have to do it later.

IMGP0060Cat Lady Artist

Talked to myself, very loudly and even discussed what I was doing more than I should have.

Re- did a written section about shipping on 176 pieces of my art online at my website.

Dreamt about:
Being a well-known artist


Having pretty things around me , like artist, Margaret Olly


Piles of new canvass’

Being a healthy person like in my 30’s

Having a full-time gardener for wood. A bringer-inner-a and chopper of wood, a cook and…




Now, because it’s getting darker ( I have bad lighting inside to create) I will start the fire, feed the cats, find food for dinner, check telly programs, Face book, Ebay and Etsy for possible sales, watch something on telly, maybe online, then take all the new pills I have too. Then go to bed and sleep on the electric blanket with the cat.

Oh, I did eat breakfast ,forgot lunch, but had late afternoon snack dry biscuits and hommus.

Of course if someone asks the usual question…

What did you do today?

I will probably say the usual… Nothing really

Tomorrow I WILL do what I want to do, stuff life!!! 🙂

Does this sound familiar to you?


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  1. Karen says:

    your post made me smile.sounds like a great life. enjoy !

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