Abstract Painting. Creative Process. Layering.

Abstract Painting. Creative Process. Layering.

The life of a painting, sometimes takes on many layers. My abstractions, may have as many as, 5 to 50 layers. They can take days, weeks, even months, to complete.



This painting, started out very busy and chaotic, as, I wanted to get the paint and marks down, as quickly as possible. During the process, I eliminated many layers of paint and marks, to calm it all down, until I was satisfied.

The beginning splashes of acrylic paint and marks.



Somewhere in the middle. Around 10 layers of paint, ink, powder pigments and shellac.



The final stages of the painting after, eliminating layers and using a more subtle palette. I wanted the painting to have a lot of texture with a calm, stillness about it.



This painting, links to “found marks” in urban landscapes in Australia and Europe.


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