Preparing for a site specific artwork

Every  artist has their own way of preparing before creating. In this blog entry I would like to share with you what I  do, before creating a site specific artwork.


Capturing the wholeness of a space is most important for me.

For creating the work, or idea, I need to physically spend a lot of time in the space where I will be creating the work. Not only, do I need to consider the site visually, I also have to feel it, hear, the silence, the noise, touch the textures, and take in the aroma of the surrounding layers of the environment . This helps me to capture the realness and essence of the space.

All random ideas and thoughts are recorded. This may take the form of written notes, quick drawings, paintings, photos, taken at different times of the day and night. I may also use video and sound.

Sometimes my response is so strong, I will have a basic idea working around in my head before I get back to the studio. I then work out how Im going to take my idea into reality. Working with the creative process allows me to be more spontaneous in my approach to the making of the work. The materials I use can be randomly chosen as I go along or, I will purposely choose a material that will express my ideas.

How do you kick- start your creativity?

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2 Responses to “Preparing for a site specific artwork”

  1. jerry oza says:

    Sounds like you’re becoming either a bag lady or medium. I don’t think I need to kickstart my creativity I have more trouble walking away from what I’m doing. That takes more of an effort for me. You’ll probably remember when you had young kids
    how demanding they are and they always want something thats “much more important than your silly art……”

    • Jenny Davis says:

      Ha ha yes a bag lady of sorts and I have cats…. when I was dragging around my kids to my exhibitions it was with bribery and when I built the studio they kicked me out there with my silly art… even now as grown ups its still mum and her silly art

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