Do you always have to finish your art?

Do you always have to finish your art?









I always have lots of unfinished projects on the go. Paintings, sculpture and installations can sit around for years, unfinished. I live with them, then maybe, months, even years later, it will hit me that it needs this and that, and it’s finished. I also have 100’s of art projects and ideas in folders on my computer that may not even see the light of day in my life time.














Other things, I deliberately leave unfinished. I like untouched randomness & rawness when creating. Especially in my painting, textile & mixed media work.
I like the freedom of no pressure to finish a piece.












Do you always have to finish your art ?


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One Response to “Do you always have to finish your art?”

  1. Becky says:

    Some times the “Piece” is finished with the process figured out… and its not going any further…
    Sometimes it needs to “cure” a bit in my brain and on the project before I know it is actully done…
    And some get finished to the orginal thought……

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