Dangerous Pulp Fiction Drawings.

4 little drawings


vintage pulp book paper & gesso




graphite, water colour paint & revenge




drawing with thread & old embroidery cloth







A nocturnal visitor… Click on images to buy


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4 Responses to “Dangerous Pulp Fiction Drawings.”

  1. jencoralie says:

    Just posted to facebook and pinterest; I like these very much

  2. Oh, I love these, Jenny, especially how specific words – danger, etc. – are ghosted yet still visible through the cloth. Do you know what the cloth was from? The bits of red stitching are really interesting (or did you add those as well?).

    • Jenny Davis says:

      Thanks Adrienne for your comments. The cloth is from an old torn crinoline lady tray cloth. I kept the embroidered lady and cut out the battered bits to use in the drawings/collages. The red stitching was a found gem, already stitched on the corner of the cloth.

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