Experimentation & New Free Tutorials Page.

Experimentation & New Free Tutorials Page.

My blog updates have been scarce lately, as, Ive been studying a couple of arts business and creative courses. This week I created a new “Free Tutorials”  page, where I share some of my favorite, creative ideas and things to do.

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter in studio_Mixedmedia sm

I’ve also, been experimenting with shellac and acrylic paints in the studio

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter parts 6 part_Mixedmedia s

and plan to create some textile and sculpture pieces too.

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter parts 5 part_Mixedmedia s

After working on many creative projects and group exhibitions, here and overseas, the past couple of years

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter 1_Mixedmedia small

I really think it’s time, to get back into a gallery and start exhibiting again in 2016.

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter 2_Mixedmedia small

So, I’m looking for suitable spaces in Melbourne or Sydney, that aren’t too expensive.

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter 7 _Mixedmedia small

My favourite thing to make, at  Free Tutorials  is my large studio easel. I created it when I built my studio in 2000. I wanted something big, so I could work on many paintings at once. It’s a bit slap happy, (I’m no carpenter) but, works perfectly for me.

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