Giving vintage textiles a new life.

Recently, a very kind lady donated her mothers doilies to me, for my next textile, art project. Though I have found it hard, rusting and burying this lot, I was re-assured that her mother would be happy to know they were given to someone who would give them a new life. 

I’ts been perfect weather lately for rusting and burying.

After a good soak with white vinegar I wrap some with wire.

Mostly, I just lay the the cloth under a slabs of metal sheets, left over from my studio build then stack on top of one another.

I like to get them all dirty by burying them and stacking a heaver tray and rocks on top. I leave them there from 24 hrs. or, many months until I get the look I’m after.

4 weeks underground. Final unveiling just before dunking in a sink of water and bicarb soda, to stop rusting process.

This piece really excites me with the intense rust and black marks.

Such gorgeous delicate lace work crochet in this doily.

Rust n dirt with tiny black marks and colourful hand embroidery.

Rust with the contrast of beautiful hand embroidery peeking through.

A lovely bundle of vintage rust material ready to go for new projects.

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6 Responses to “Giving vintage textiles a new life.”

  1. Claudette says:

    You do some amazing things and you get some amazing effects Jen
    Xx Claudette

  2. Toni Calman says:

    Love all of these Jen xx

  3. Joke says:

    Have you thought of making a print when the rust is still wet? You could use my press. We’re in Sri Lanka right now and it’s pouring. Very out of season I believe. Was good to catch up last week. Regards Joke Frijlink

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