Jenny Davis is a visual artist, who works most of the time from her two storey studio, she crafted from recycled materials in Victoria, Australia. Some years, Jenny also works from a petite studio in Paris, France, she names the “Cubicle”.

Jenny is a multi-disciplinary artist working in many areas: Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, mixed media/collage, textile & book arts, installation, video, new media and virtual worlds. Her artwork has been exhibited , in Australia, New York, Berlin, Spain, France, UK and USA and is in numerous private and public collections in Australia, UK, Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. Jenny has also, won various awards and overseas arts residencies.

“My artworks link to the contrasts of imperfections, found in the urban environment, highlighting, insignificant marks, weathered surfaces and cast-offs. I am influenced by, abandoned, underground and derelict spaces, vacant industrial sites, structures, old walls & graffiti. The Japanese Zen philosophy and aesthetic, of Wabi-Sabi, is at the core of all my artwork and celebrates the beauty of the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

“When in France, I make little transportable artworks and books, from found objects, packaging and torn papers, found, on the streets. I take photographs and video’s, of weird underground spaces and have published a book of images.”

I collect street litter to create artworks, found object sculpture, installations, staged photography and artist books.

I also use my collections of vintage: toys, books, wall paper & paper ephemera, textiles, china, plastic animals, soldiers, photos, sewing, postcards, greeting cards, bottle tops, rubber stamps, ledgers, laces & embellishments, rusted metal, bones, junk, car parts, wire, scientific things, bits and bobs, in my artwork and photography.

I was very much influenced by T.V, Hollywood B/W movie’s, musicals, gangster movies, Jet Jackson, Outer limits, science fiction, comics, my brother, crystal sets and an elderly lady nearby, who, had collections of textiles, china and all sorts of stuff.

We were pretty poor and I was sort of a loner. I liked small spaces, where I wouldn’t be disturbed and used to play in drainpipes, vacant industrial spaces and new buildings. I built cubby houses, in gardens, trees, under beds and under ground spaces. I used junk and rubbish to make my furniture and decorative items.

I played with bits of glass, stones, shells, tin, old cutlery, nails, wood, a teddy, train set and a billy cart my brother made from a fruit box. I played, imaginary games with my dog and cats.

I collected things like a bower-bird, from nature, the ground, old cards with sparkles, odd bits of coloured ribbon, lolly papers, laminae and wood samples, from my brother, a carpenter.

I also, collected scraps of paper and fabric. I would then arrange them in a drawer or, a little found box, to be used later, for tiny little drawings and collages.

I would grab the packaging from my mum’s nylon stockings, dads shirts and paper from the butchers, to draw, sew, cut and paste to make collages and wall hangings for my mum.

Selected Exhibition History

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Wallmatter. The Memo. Curator Jade Bitar Regional Exhibitions. Vic. Australia.
2011 Abstraction & Beyond. Burrinja Cultural Center. Victoria. Australia.
2009/10 Jenny Davis. 12 Photographs. 12 Months. Paris. France.
2009 Outlook8 Virtual Gallery. Malt Village. Secondlife.
2008 Jenny Davis. Malt Virtual Gallery. Secondlife.
2007 Jenny Davis. 12 paintings. 12 months. Paris. France.
2007 Ausgallery. International Representation. Australian Government Incentive.
2007 Parisgrit. Tilt Contemporary Art Gallery. Melbourne Australia.
2006 Can Serrat Project. Tilt Contemporary Art Gallery. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Project Can Serrat. Upper Yarra Arts Center. Victoria. Australia.
2005 Open Studio Exhibition. Can Serrat Arts Centre. El Bruc, Barcelona. Spain.
2005 Beale on Auburn Gallery. Auburn Road Hawthorn. Victoria. Australia.
2004 Didja. Tilt Contemporary Art Gallery. Melbourne. Australia.
2004 Jenny Davis at Loft Art Space. Rochford Winery. Victoria Australia
2003 Jenny Davis Recent Paintings. Tilt Contemporary Art. Melbourne Australia
2002 Whereartis@Gallery. Fitzroy, Melbourne. Australia.

Group Exhibitions
2017 Selected Artist. The Biennale Project “Wallmatter 17” Digital Image Projection , The Venice Biennale 57. “La Biennale di Venezia”. Venice, Italy.
2017 Exhibition & Book Launch. From This Place – Inspiring Women Artists of the Yarra Valley. Lindy Schneider, Angela Rivas & Artists. Yarra Valley, Victoria. Australia
2014/15 Second Time Around. Environmental Installation. Museum of Shenandoah Valley. USA
2014 Art+Mel. Interactive Arts Event. Federation Square + Laneway. Melbourne. Australia.
2014 Times Square Show. Building Projection. Times Square, New York. USA.
2013-14 Snap to Grid Exhibition. Los Angeles Center For Digital Art . USA.
2013 Creatives Rising Exhibition. 30 Story Tall Projection Mapping Event. New York. USA.
Showing : MoMA, Guggenheim, Gagosian Gallery, Sotheby’s, Christie’s Auction House.
2013 The Story of the Creative. See Me Exhibition Space. N Y City. Digital Installation.
2013 Artfuly Pop Up Exhibition. Somedays Gallery. Surrey Hills, Sydney. Australia.
2013 Xtinction Exhibition. Three Stories Artspace. Victoria, Australia.
2012 Land to Light. Jenny Davis, Charles Farrugia, Mark Story, John Martin Switchback Gallery. Curators, Rod Forbes, Charles Farrugia. Monash University. Gippsland, Australia.
2010 Room of Reference exhibition. TPTP Space. Montmartre, Paris. France.
2010 Sebel Exhibition. Heritage Country Club. Melbourne Australia.
2010 Artisans Exhibition. Upper Yarra Arts Center. Victoria. Australia.
2009 Art For Life- Bushfire Appeal Art Auction. Melbourne Town Hall. Australia.
2009 Landfillart Project USA Travelling Exhibition and Publication. USA.
2009 Mont De Lancy Exhibition. Victoria. Australia.
2009 Artisans Exhibition. Upper Yarra Arts Center. Victoria. Australia.
2008 Oz n Strazz Exhibition. Jenny Davis & Jerry Osadczuk. Victoria. Australia.
2008 Tilt Christmas Show. Tilt Contemporary Art Gallery. Melbourne. Australia.
2008 March ’08 Hills Artists. Tilt Contemporary Art. Melbourne. Australia.
2008 Australia Day Exhibition. Upper Yarra Arts Center. Victoria. Australia.
2007 Melb 5 Exhibition. Bob Curtis Contemporary Movement Gallery. Berlin, Germany.
2006-7 Abstraction X Four, Carteret Contemporary Gallery NC, USA. Curator NY artist, Amy Ernst.
2006 John Leslie Art Prize. Finalists Exhibition. Sale Art Gallery. Victoria. Australia.
2005 Discovery Art Show. Gasworks. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Urbantide. Toyota Spirit Gallery. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Soundscape. Fresh Gallery Space. Fitzroy, Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Affordable Art Fair. Exhibition Buildings. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Tilt Collectors exhibition. Tilt Contemporary Art. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Tilt Retrospective. Tilt Contemporary Art. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Abstract2 Art-Domain.com gallery. Leipzig, Germany. Curated.
2004 Out from Down under and Beyond. Soho. New York. USA.
2004 Abstract 1. Art Domain.com gallery. Port D’ andratx, Balearic Islands. Spain.
2004 Selected Artist. Artiade Olympics of Visual Arts Exhibition. Olympic Games. Athens. Greece.
2004 Tilt Collectors Exhibition. Tilt Contemporary Art. Melbourne. Australia.
2004 Tilt Retrospective. Tilt Contemporary Art. Melbourne. Australia.
2003 The Postcard Show. Linden Gallery. St Kilda. Victoria. Australia.
2003 Differing Visions. Warburton Arts Center. Victoria. Australia.
2003 Summer Salon Gallery. 314 Richmond. Victoria. Australia.
1999 International Women’s Day exhibition. Healesville. Australia.
1998 International Women’s Day exhibition. Healesville. Australia.
1997 Coming up for Air. Caulfield Art Complex. Melbourne. Australia.
1996 Recovery. National Gallery of Victoria. Melbourne. Australia

Awards & Grants
2012/2015 Selected Artist. Issue 16, Upstairs at Duroc Literary and Arts Magazine. Paris, France.
2012 Selected Featured Artist. Aesthetica Creative Works Annual. England & Wales.
2012 Selected Cover Artist- Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual. England & Wales.
2013 Featured Artist Article. Rothko Red. Moods & Appetites, New York. USA.
2012 Featured Artist. Upstairs at Duroc. Literary and Arts Magazine Paris, France.
2012 Featured Artist- Aesthetica Creative Works Annual. England & Wales.
2012 Cover Art – Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual. England & Wales.
2010 Abstractions 2010. Featured Artist. New Art Review Magazine. N.Y. USA
2011 Awarded 2nd. Prize. Abstracts Exhibition. Light Space & Time Gallery USA
2010 Winner. Tyrrell’s Wine Label Award. Victoria.  Australia
2008 Awarded EMDG Australian Trade Commission Grant. Export Award.
2006 Palm Awards. Certificate of Honour for Excellence in the Arts. Leipzig. Germany.
2005 Artist In Residence. Can Serrat International Art Center. Barcelona, Spain.
2003 Camille Claudel Award for Artistic Excellence. Peter Harper Art Award. USA

Education & Professional Experience
2017 Basket Weaving Workshop. Ruth Woods. Craft Shool Oz. Alywon Gardens Yarra Glen. Vic. Australia.
2016 “Art Business Strategies” Coaching Course. 11-weeks. Maria Brophy. Online.
2016 Creativity and the Business of Art. Alexis Castillo. Online.
2016 Textile Workshop. Indigo Shibori & slow stitch boro, Ruth Woods. Vic. Australia
2010-16 Badger Creek Art Group. Victoria. Australia.
2015 100 Days of Creative Courage. Stephanie Levy. Berlin. Germany.
2015 InstaSavvy Social Media Business Workshop. Dotty Media. Byron Bay. Australia.
2015 CreativeArtsbiz Business Course. 4 weeks.
2015 Encaustic Art Workshop. Dawna Richardson-Hyde. Victoria. Australia.
2013- 30 Days of Collage. Stephanie Levy. Berlin. Germany.
2012 Find Your Own Freedom & the Business Model Right for You. Workshop
2011 Creative Souls Telesummit.
2011 Business Branding Workshop. Etsy Labs.
2006-15 Online Design Branding and Arts Blogger.
2004-5 Alternative Drawing and Painting Richard-Granville- Smith. Vic. Australia.
2000-4 Professional Development for Artists. Shane Merry. Vic.Australia.
2001 Further Education Art Studies. Art Foundation Studies. Cross Media Application. Cultural Perspectives. Contemporary Arts Practice. Painting Studies. Ruth Woods. Victoria. Melbourne.
1998 3 years Therapist Training Australian Institute of Professional Councillors Australia.
1998 1 year Small Business Training. Swinburne Uni. Lilydale. (off campus) Victoria. Australia
1995 Women as Artists.  Dr Annette Iggulden. Melbourne. Australia.
1995 Folio prep. Dr Annette Iggulden. Melbourne. Australia.
1995 Cert. of Arc, Mig, Oxy Welding for Sculpture. Box Hill TAFE. Vic. Australia.
1995 Associate Diploma of Visual Arts. Yr. 2. Oil Painting. Dr Annette Iggulden.
1994 Associate Diploma of Visual Arts. Dandenong TAFE. Year 2. Victoria. Australia.
1994 Associate Diploma of Visual Arts. Swinburne TAFE Year 1. Victoria. Australia.
1993 PT. 1 year Adv. Cert. Art and Design. Dawna Richardson-Hyde. Victoria.
1993 PT. 1 year Adv. Cert. Ceramics Dawna Richardson-Hyde. Victoria.
1993 Creative Art Class. Dr Annette Iggulden. Melbourne. Australia.
1993 Oil Painting. Marg Payne. Victoria. Australia.
1992 Acrylic Painting. Marg Bell. Victoria. Australia.
1992 Textile Art. Patchwork Haven. Victoria. Australia.
1985/6 Starting a Craft Business. Lilydale School of Horticulture.Vic. Australia.
1980 Creative Arts Course Stott’s College. Sydney. Australia.
1979 Creative Arts Course Stott’s College. Sydney. Australia.
1974-9 Experiments in B/W Photography & Darkroom Techniques. Vic. Australia.
1977 Short Story Writing. Stott’s College. Sydney. Australia.

2002-16 Outlook8studio. Owner, Manager, Artist. Professional Studio Work. Vic. Australia.
2010-16 Professional Studio work Fitzherbert Studio. Victoria. Australia.
2003-16 Art Blogger. Manage maintain online websites and shops.
2010 Street Noir Project. Video. Night Photography. Paris. France.
2007/9/10 Meet the Tenant. Research Arts Project & Network Paris, France. Oversee exhibition Berlin, Germany.
2005 Artist In Residence. Can Serrat International Arts Center. Barcelona, Spain. Studio Work. Public Presentation.
2005 European & UK Research Project. England, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Amsterdam, Venice, Switzerland, Austria, Zurich and Spain.
2005 Video, Photography & Research Project. Maidstone, England.
2002-3 Teaching. Outlook8studio. Abstraction & Creative Arts.
1994 Creative Fence Sculpture. (public art project) Lilydale. Victoria. Australia.
1994 Mentor-ship & Studio Practice with Lazlo Biro. Sculptor.Vic. Australia.
1993 Organize, TAFE student exhibition. Swinburne. Wantirna. Australia.
1990-99 Drug/Alcohol Counsellor. Freelance.
1987/88 Jenny’s Porch. Art /Craft Business. Sole Trader. Donald. Vic. Australia.
1987/88 Teaching. Arts/Craft. Jenny’s Porch. Donald. Victoria. Australia.

2017 Exhibition & Book Launch. From This Place – Inspiring Women Artists of the Yarra Valley. Lindy Schneider, Angela Rivas & Artists. Yarra Valley, Victoria. Australia
2014 “Limited Edition “Artist Book Publications. Jenny Davis – Jack Oudyn. Australia.
2014 John Baldessari: Name up in Lights. Monnaie de Paris. Seine River. Paris. France.
2014 International Union of Mail Artists. Collaborative Mail- Art Projects.
2014 30 Days of Collage. Mail- Art Project. Collage. International Collaborative.
2014 30 Days of Collage. Paper Ephemera Project. International Collaborative.
2011 John Baldessari: Name up in Lights. Kaldor Public Art Projects. Sydney Festival.
2009 Landfill Art Project.  USA.
2007/9/10 Meet the Tenant Project. Research and document underground spaces in Paris, France. Photography, video and publication.


2016 Rustmatter. “Limited edition’ artist books in vintage cigar tins
2008 Meet the Tenant. Hard cover book. What lurks? Beneath the City of Paris.
2014 No/Yes Book.“Limited Edition “Artist Book. Jenny Davis – Jack Oudyn. Australia.
2014 “Limited Edition “Artist Book Publication. Jenny Davis – Jack Oudyn. Australia.


2016 Feature Bluethumb. Wallmatter: Jenny Davis Explores Neglected Spaces. Bek Possingham
2016 Selected Feature Artist. Sew Somerset Magazine. Stampington & Company. California, USA
2011 Hidden Spaces Exposed. Upwey Show Leader Newspapers. Victoria. Australia
2010 Invited Artist- Collecting Going Green Artists Blog. USA..Online.
2009 Artist Interview. Design Style Guide. USA..Online.
2009 Art Review. Hong Kong. Online.
2008 Art from Rubbish. Mountain Views Newspapers. Victoria.  Australia.
2008 Midnight Echo Magazine. Internal Photograph. “Odd Feeling”
2008 Heart put into Art. Leader Newspapers. Victoria.  Australia.
2007 Paris work on Show Leader Newspapers. Victoria. Australia.
2006 Cover Art to Fuel4artists. Sydney. Australia. Online.
2005 Immersing in the Spanish Culture. Leader Newspapers. Victoria. Australia.
2005 A Culture Fused in Art. Fairfax News. Melbourne. Australia.
2005 Who’s Who in Visual Arts in Europe. Leipzig. Germany Publication.
2005 Cover-Art. Art Calendar Magazine. Washington DC. USA.
2004 Didja & Artiade. Leader Newspapers. Victoria.  Australia.
2004 Artiade Athens Olympic Games. Leader Newspapers. Victoria. Australia.
2004 Art Collector Magazine. Australia.
2004 The World of Antiques and Art. Australia.
2003 Review by Lawrence Downes Gallery &.Studio Magazine. New York. USA.
2004 Out from Down under and Beyond. New York Art Guide. New York. USA.
1996 My Art and Life. Vogue Magazine. Sydney. Australia.
1994 Creative Fences-Public Art. Leader Newspapers. Victoria. Australia.


Public Collections – Can Serrat International Art Center Barcelona, Spain.
Landfillart Collection. Second Time Around. Environmental Travelling Exhibition. USA. Various private collections in Australia, UK, USA, Canada & Europe.


International Union of Mail Artists.
Viscopy Visual Arts Copyright Collecting Agency.
Australia Copyright Council.