Fresh from the Studio – Sensor Ship

Fresh from the Studio

Sensor Ship 2 & Sensor Ship

Surface quality is very important to me and my paintings consist of many layers of paint and line making. During my process I continuously scrape, wipe and sand back layers until only a trace remains of my previous mark making.


Sensor Ship 2
Jenny Davis
Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 60cm


In both paintings you can see little tears and pockets of bright grainy colour pushing through to the top layers. I wanted the ghosts of my past marks and texture to sit just below the surface, still and silent. Waiting to be discovered.


"Sensor Ship" by Jenny Davis. Acrylic painting on canvas. 120 x 90cm.


Sensor Ship
Jenny Davis
Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 60cm.












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8 Responses to “Fresh from the Studio – Sensor Ship”

  1. Charles Farrugia says:

    Impressive work Jenny !

  2. phil davis says:

    nice jen very nice .

  3. jencoralie says:

    Very beautiful work; I really like this.

  4. jerry says:

    great stuff, only wish I was a well healed philanthropist so I could buy them all.

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