Orange and Pink. Work in Progress.

May 23rd, 2015

4 Large paintings

Jenny Davis_ Orange Lot

making first marks


adding colour

Jenny Davis_small

sploshing pink

Jenny Davis_small6

and orange paint

Jenny Davis_small 4

adding layers

Jenny Davis_small3

& texture






Pink me up abstractions!

May 14th, 2015

4 new abstract paintings




“Winsor & Newton” acrylic paints on gallery stretched canvas




Each artwork measures Size 30 x 30 x 3.5cm.




Still untitled.



Building Layers. Mixed Media. Cradled Boards.

April 19th, 2015

Mixed-media art works on cradled birch boards, I started a few weeks ago.




Working on board allows me to scrape back, sand & scratch into the surface


Jenny Davis_Mixed Media_ 1cs



I have left areas raw to show the grain. Building layers with shellac stains, found papers and textiles.




More oil pigments, graphite dust and inks.




I may add some encaustic wax, as well.

See the beginning of the series  here

Work in Progress. Mixed-Media Paintings.

April 17th, 2015

A few more paintings on the way.


Jenny Davis_Over Land 1_ 30x 30 cm._ Mixed Media

Over Land 1


I’m also learning how to use my new camera


Jenny Davis_Over Land 2_ 30 x 30cm._ Mixed MediaS

Over Land 2


I definitely need to use a tripod for artworks as


Jenny Davis_Over Land 3_ 30 x 30cm._ Mixed Media _s

Over Land 3


I can see some blurring with movement.


Early Morning in the Studio.

April 5th, 2015

It’s amazing how much I achieve early morning in the studio.


I recently, finished off 2 sculptures sitting on the workbench for years. Many more to go…






Then, played around with shellac and wax and resolved the paintings I did at the encaustic week- end workshop.




I also managed to clean-up small areas of studio to make room for new art supplies arriving.




I’ll have to get up early more often…

Paintings & Gelatin Prints.

March 15th, 2015

3 paintings I did awhile back. The backgrounds are experiments with gelatin prints. Inks and acrylic paint were added afterwards to the surface.

(You can see my gelatin print tutorial here)

Jenny Davis_Cimetière des Chiens PlaygroundCimetière des Chiens Playground

Inspiration for the paintings.
A celebration to animals…Mapping and playing in the Cimetière des Chiens et Autres Animaux Domestiques in Paris. Opened in 1899 its a cemetery of dogs and cats and other domestic animals. Some of the cemetery’s residents are famous, such as Rin Tin Tin.

Jenny Davis _ Cimetière des Chiens Playground 1Cimetière des Chiens Playground 1

 The plots and plaques are just so lovingly decorated. My daughter and I like to spend time with the stray cats and dogs who wander in and out of the cemetery .The kind staff feed and shelter any stray animal by scattering little semi- enclosed boxes around the cemetery.

Jenny Davis _ Cimetière des Chiens Playground 2Cimetière des Chiens Playground 2

Textiles. Shellac. Wood. Work in Progress.

March 13th, 2015

Not fully resolved, this is the first in a series of mixed-media art works on cradled wooden board, followed by further details of the process.


This artwork was inspired by an old piece of spotty paper.


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 13s


I wanted to leave space around the wooden board and still show the grain


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 10s


An old piece of canvas and hand- stitching.


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 11s


Found papers with generous pourings of shellac and ink.


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 9s


More papers and cloth.


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 1 s


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 2s


I’m still not satisfied and will probably sand back in areas.


Jenny Davis_Work in Progress 3


See Jenny’s other artworks in this series

No. 2. Old clothes. Recycling. Art Making.

March 1st, 2015

Follow-up from a previous post  Old clothes. Recycling. Art Making.

Playing with textiles, wax and trying to work out my new camera.

De-constructing a man’s suit.

Jenny Davis_TextileWax1


Wafers of wax, felt & linen



Jenny Davis_TextileWax _14


Specimens to play with


Jenny Davis_TextileWax _27


Flesh- like


Jenny Davis_TextileWax _22


Waxed string twined


Jenny Davis_TextileWax _21




Jenny Davis_TextileWax _24


Hand- sewn surface marks


Jenny Davis_TextileWax _6 s


Links to Joseph Beuy’s  felt works and underground spaces seen in Paris


Jenny Davis_TextileWax _9

Jenny Davis_TextileWax _7 s


Looks like a scientific or, naturalist’s plate from an antique book


Jenny Davis_TextileWax1



Mail Art. Handmade Envelopes. New Project.

February 26th, 2015

Hand-made envelopes made from used copy paper with doodles, scribbles and messed up prints. Sewn and packed to send mail art all over the world.

The top image is a reproduction of a 1900’s glass negative I found. I’m trying to work out how to develop a box of these.


Mail art for Adrienne in Canada

Jenny Davis_ Mailart Adreinne

A string of envelopes sewn together.


For Richard in France

Jenny Davis_ WAU 154

A box full of finished envelopes


For Jack in Queensland

Jenny Davis_ Mailart Jack

More envelopes


For PetrolPetal in South Africa

Jenny Davis_ SILLO

I discovered a good quick way to make pockets for an installation


For Adrienne again

Jenny Davis_ Stripe

I’m now addicted to making envelopes from all my waste papers.


Jacks collage.

Jenny Davis_ X

Abstract Play. New Paintings.

February 19th, 2015

My latest little abstract paintings with bursts of high-energy marks, dissolving into planes of colour with blocks of cobalt blue found papers walking across the surface.

Abstract Play 4


Abstract Play 1


Abstract Play 2

DSC_0002 o

Abstract Play 3

DSC_00200 o

Abstract Play 6


Abstract Play 5


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